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Elon Musk reveals Tesla is building a humanoid robot

Elon Musk unveiled on Thursday that Tesla is constructing a humanoid robotic and aims to have a prototype ready by 2022. 

Throughout the firm’s AI Day, Musk explained that the “Tesla Bot” is supposed to be helpful and it will do jobs regarded “monotonous, repetitive and dangerous.” The Tesla CEO thinks it will be equipped execute chores these kinds of as likely to the keep to fetch groceries or helping correct cars, but on a greater amount, he predicts the creation will have “profound implications” for the financial system.  

“In the foreseeable future, physical do the job will be a option,” he stated. “If you want to do it, you can, but you is not going to have to have to do it.” 

He claimed their most up-to-date ambition is not considerably off from what the firm does with their signature electric cars and trucks. 

“If you believe about what we are performing appropriate now with the autos, Tesla is arguably the world’s biggest robotics corporation, mainly because vehicles are like semi-sentiment, robots on wheels,” he mentioned. 

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The robot will stand about 5 toes 8 inches and have a screen with beneficial facts, Musk mentioned. He stated it will have an autopilot program, eight cameras and operate about 5 miles for each hour, so people can “most probable overpower it.” 

“With any luck , that will not at any time materialize, but you in no way know,” he joked. 

The robotic announcement will come amid a official investigation by the U.S. government into Tesla’s Autopilot partially automated driving procedure right after a sequence of collisions with parked unexpected emergency motor vehicles. The investigation handles 765,000 vehicles, practically everything that Tesla has sold in the U.S. considering that the commence of the 2014 model yr. Of the crashes determined by the National Highway Targeted traffic Safety Administration as section of the probe, 17 people today had been hurt and one particular was killed.

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