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How to avoid getting robbed?


How to avoid getting robbed?

The General Regional Police Directorates of the whole country, advise and recommend to the citizens, who will be away from their homes –portes asfaleias- during the Christmas and New Year holidays, to be especially careful taking very simple protection measures, which will make it difficult or even difficult. Prevent burglary and theft against them wit out easy tips that you will find below.

What to do before you leave your house

  • Make sure that before you leave the house you have well secured all the exterior doors and windows of your house.
  • During your absence, do not leave keys around the house, such as in pots, windowsills, under entrance mats, etc.
  • Do not leave large sums of money in the house or apartment.
  • Do not share your absence from home on social media.
  • Do not leave mailboxes full of publications and magazines, as they are indications of your absence.
  • Avoid leaving stairs or various furniture and other bulky items outdoors (yards and gardens) that could help would-be perpetrators climb.
  • Always activate the alarm system (if any).

When going out to the stores for shopping:

  • Never leave your wallet, cell phone or keys on tables.
  • Do not leave the jacket or jacket, bag or waist bag, on adjacent seats or hung on them, with money or wallets inside.(Wallet – Bag)
  • Do not carry large sums of money in your wallet, purse or pocket.
  • Do not put your wallet in the back pocket of your pants.
  • Do not leave your purse or backpack open for any reason wherever you might be.
  • Do not place your bag in a conspicuous place inside the car (cabin) and even in the passenger seat, but under it or in the trunk.

Transactions in ATMs

When withdrawing money from Automatic Banking Machines (ATMs) if you find any suspicious object, alterations or marks in the card slot, such as distorted frame, abrasions, additional components, holes, etc. avoid using this ATM. and notify the Bank immediately.

In case the ATM If you keep the card or face any problem during the transaction, contact only the Bank that issued the card.
Do not trust strangers who are willing to help you manage the ATM. or request the PIN of your card.
When entering your PIN code, “protect” the keyboard so that no one around you can perceive the four-digit number.

In any case of theft or burglary, even in an attempt, citizens should immediately call the 100 or the Security Department of their area.

House security tips

  • The first piece of advice given is lighting. It is good for those who want to leave for the holidays, to invest in LED type lighting so that your house is always lit and so that no one understands that you are absent.
  • Another former robber said you should never leave exposed packages of items you bought in your trash. For example, if you buy a TV and throw the box in the trash, then you are immediately targeted.
  • Another basic tip shared by burglars is to never forget to unlock your warehouse. No matter how well locked her house is, in case your warehouse is open, then surely the would-be robbers will find a tool to break into the door of your house as well.
  • The obvious was pointed out by someone else in his comments, saying that you should never leave extra keys near the front door of your home.

If you are absent from your house very often and you want to be safe, you need to take some measures. First of all, you need to install a safe security door and some security locks. It is for sure an investment as these doors cost a couple hundred dollars but we are sure that the safety that they can offer you will reimburse you.

You will be safe with a security door as it is almost impossible for someone to break into your house with one of them. And especially if you reinforce the security of your house with a safety lock you will be great! No more fear of intrusions as your family will be safe! Trust the best security door company in Athens, Alfino door. They are experts in security door installation and they can help you wit any question you have.

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