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What You Should Know About Billboard Advertising

What You Should Know About Billboard Advertising

While billboards have been around since the 19th century, they are still one of the most effective forms of out-of-home advertising. According to the Out of Home Marketing Association in Canada, advertisers spent over half a billion dollars on billboard advertising alone. With advertisers ranging from international corporations to local mom and pop businesses, the billboard is definitely here to stay.

Location Matters

A key element in the success of advertising with billboards has to do with placing the ads in the right places. The ads must be easy to see from the road, and include quick directions to let consumers know that the business in question is nearby. One strategy is to use multiple billboards spaced out every few miles to advertise the same business. This approach captures and builds interest until the consumer feels a real compulsion to make a visit.

Choosing Key Details

Consumers have a limited window of opportunity to scan the detail on billboards as they drive along. For this reason, it helps to highlight certain data. The name and address is a must. Identifying the exit the consumer must take to get to the business is also important. Including a telephone number and a website address is also helpful.

Spotlighting a couple of high profile products will also help attract the right type of attention. Use graphics that capture the eye and create a positive impression. This is more likely to motivate consumers to drop in and look around. Make the graphics and the images relevant to the buyer you want to attract, and you will enjoy a steady flow of visitors to your business.

Going Digital

While it is still possible to invest in traditional billboard advertising, consider a digital approach. Billboards that use multimedia to change colours and images capture the imaginations of consumers. While this approach does cost more, the increased traffic to your business will lead to more sales. With the higher net profits that you make, it will be very easy to justify the cost of using digital billboards as a key element of your advertising.