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Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning in children

Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning in children

Due to the recent outbreak, many aspects of our everyday lives -including the private lessons–ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα– had to take a turn and completely change. For most people this seemed convenient at first, but as the time passed, it seemed more and more difficult to follow the demands of distance learning. In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning in children.

Adults are adapting easier in certain situations but if you have had to work from home during this time then you might have faced some difficulties too. Imagine how your kids might be feeling due to this sudden change of teaching methods.

A few information about distance learning

Sometimes we receive people in our offices who are not very familiar with new technologies and especially those related to education and may treat them with some reservations. He asks us for example “is it the same lesson up close and the same distance” or “what are the advantages, the benefits of the student with distance learning” or “up close is not better with the teacher above him instead of online”.

These are all reasonable questions and we are very happy to explain and give parents and children to understand exactly how this world-wide system works. So we have and we say. What does a candidate for European universities gain, a young person who wants to go abroad to study? Let’s see the advantages of distance learning,


Distance learning is based mainly on communication and interaction between learners and trainers. Thus, the prospective student or adult who is learning a foreign language or attending a student course has the opportunity to communicate frequently and receive immediate feedback on his or her work.

In this way, his active participation in the educational process is achieved and the motivation for learning is ensured. Now, when it comes to children it must be harder to get used to online learning. However, some kids do surprise us because of their intimate relation with technology.

Children today are so familiar with computers, tablets and smartphones that are better users than adults. In this case, it is easy for them to communicate and interact with their teachers online!


Training materials are always available in online learning. This means that the children have the ability to choose where and when they will have access to the course, as long as they are connected to the internet, of course.

This is an advantage that targets adults mainly but in case of teenagers -who have got a bunch of activities and little time- this is the best choice. Having a course online is pretty easy as they do not have to lose time getting ready and going to the class as they are at the ease of their home!

Online learning is also a great option for these children who tend to be anxious when they are leaving their homes and so their parents have a difficult time finding the suitable teacher.


The center around which the educational process revolves is the learner. Distance education aims to meet the learning needs of each learner, making him the leader of the educational process. In a few words , distance learning tends to be more personalized as it is basically private lessons from home.


Distance learning is just as effective as traditional classroom instruction. A prerequisite, of course, is that the educational design, the educational material and the curriculum are designed in such a way as to meet the needs of the trainees. At tutors.gr, we take care of the best possible organization and preparation, in order to give the trainees the highest quality educational experience.

Disadvantages of distance learning in children

We would say that distance-learning is more for adults or older children. As we have mentioned before adults are more adaptable to situations like online learning as they understand the difficulties and they are more patient. That does not mean that my children could not attend online classes but the point is that they tend to get bored really easily.

This is difficult for children because they need to be close to their teachers while they are in a course. We would suggest distance learning to children older than 10 years as they can follow the teacher and respond to their stimuli easier.

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