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Santorini: A cinematic holiday experience

Find Santorinitours.org at Emporio 847 03, call us on 694 457 7918 and book Santorini tours. One of the islands of Greece that have managed to gain world fame and hold the position for years in the most famous destinations around the world is Santorini. In fact, it is a complex of small islands that generously unfolds its graces to every visitor. From its eerie natural beauty and famous sunsets to its special architecture and picturesque settlements, the island is suitable for romantic holidays with an aura of naturalistic luxury.

The Santorini landscape balances perfectly between the curved, white, human interventions and the indomitable black and red natural stone. Surrounded by the deep blue of the Aegean and the dazzling blue of the sky, it looks like a living painting on which summer adventures and romance unfold. This unique morphology is due to its, still active, volcano but its charm does not stop there.

Santorini gives the visitor the opportunity to enjoy good food, to swim in crystal clear waters and to wander its picturesque settlements. It is necessary, however, to watch at least one of its famous sunsets from an alley or terrace of Oia. If, however, he wants to avoid the crowds, the spectacle looks just as wonderful from the church of Agios Ioannis Thalassinos in Oia, Finikia, Imerovigli or the old mines in Fira.

If we had to offer only one experience to each visitor of Santorini, this would be a one-day boat trip to the neighboring islands. In Thirasia he will admire the caldera, in Nea Kameni he will see the volcano crater up close and in Palea Kameni he will visit the thermal spring with the healing mud. And Thira, however, is full of wonderful images and experiences. Visit Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia to enjoy the view, the cave houses, which are carved into the rock of the caldera and the dozens of options for food and entertainment. Some settlements of Santorini are more cosmopolitan, some less, others are surrounded by huge vineyards while in others you will find tall castles. But everyone will give their own unique place to your trip.

Another element that makes Santorini unique is its incomparably beautiful beaches created by the volcano. Among them stands the Red Beach with the red and black rocks, the dark blue waters and the red sand that alternates with black pebbles. In Perivolos the visitor will enjoy fine sand and crystal clear deep waters while he will have at his disposal some of the most popular beach bars of the island, as well as cafes, taverns and infrastructure for marine activities. Vlychada presents a unique lunar landscape, with impressive white rocks, black sand and dark pebbles. For families, the beaches of Baxedes – Paradise and Monolithos are an ideal choice.

Santorini has a lot to offer to those who love intense emotions: from wonderful hikes on the beautiful paths of the island, visits to wineries and cable car rides from Gialos to Fira to its various archeological sites and museums such as the Archaeological Museum of Thira and the Museum of Minerals and Fossils. As for the food? It is expected to be unforgettable through local aromas and flavors such as white aubergines, tomatoes, fava beans and recipes such as honeysuckle, sponge and fish.

Access to the island is by boat, but also by air through the recently renovated airport of Santorini located on the east side of the island. With remodeled outdoor and indoor spaces, increased number of gates, checkpoints and check-in, a pleasant travel experience is a given. Every visitor can now experience a fully upgraded, modern experience of safety and comfort, starting and ending, in the most ideal way, his personal legend in the enchanting Santorini. It is not surprising, then, that the “lost Atlantis” of the Cyclades receives tourism all year round, with a special emphasis on the summer months. So if you are looking forward to a special vacation and see the pictures that only Santorini can offer, book your tickets immediately!

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How to avoid getting robbed?


How to avoid getting robbed?

The General Regional Police Directorates of the whole country, advise and recommend to the citizens, who will be away from their homes –portes asfaleias- during the Christmas and New Year holidays, to be especially careful taking very simple protection measures, which will make it difficult or even difficult. Prevent burglary and theft against them wit out easy tips that you will find below.

What to do before you leave your house

  • Make sure that before you leave the house you have well secured all the exterior doors and windows of your house.
  • During your absence, do not leave keys around the house, such as in pots, windowsills, under entrance mats, etc.
  • Do not leave large sums of money in the house or apartment.
  • Do not share your absence from home on social media.
  • Do not leave mailboxes full of publications and magazines, as they are indications of your absence.
  • Avoid leaving stairs or various furniture and other bulky items outdoors (yards and gardens) that could help would-be perpetrators climb.
  • Always activate the alarm system (if any).

When going out to the stores for shopping:

  • Never leave your wallet, cell phone or keys on tables.
  • Do not leave the jacket or jacket, bag or waist bag, on adjacent seats or hung on them, with money or wallets inside.(Wallet – Bag)
  • Do not carry large sums of money in your wallet, purse or pocket.
  • Do not put your wallet in the back pocket of your pants.
  • Do not leave your purse or backpack open for any reason wherever you might be.
  • Do not place your bag in a conspicuous place inside the car (cabin) and even in the passenger seat, but under it or in the trunk.

Transactions in ATMs

When withdrawing money from Automatic Banking Machines (ATMs) if you find any suspicious object, alterations or marks in the card slot, such as distorted frame, abrasions, additional components, holes, etc. avoid using this ATM. and notify the Bank immediately.

In case the ATM If you keep the card or face any problem during the transaction, contact only the Bank that issued the card.
Do not trust strangers who are willing to help you manage the ATM. or request the PIN of your card.
When entering your PIN code, “protect” the keyboard so that no one around you can perceive the four-digit number.

In any case of theft or burglary, even in an attempt, citizens should immediately call the 100 or the Security Department of their area.

House security tips

  • The first piece of advice given is lighting. It is good for those who want to leave for the holidays, to invest in LED type lighting so that your house is always lit and so that no one understands that you are absent.
  • Another former robber said you should never leave exposed packages of items you bought in your trash. For example, if you buy a TV and throw the box in the trash, then you are immediately targeted.
  • Another basic tip shared by burglars is to never forget to unlock your warehouse. No matter how well locked her house is, in case your warehouse is open, then surely the would-be robbers will find a tool to break into the door of your house as well.
  • The obvious was pointed out by someone else in his comments, saying that you should never leave extra keys near the front door of your home.

If you are absent from your house very often and you want to be safe, you need to take some measures. First of all, you need to install a safe security door and some security locks. It is for sure an investment as these doors cost a couple hundred dollars but we are sure that the safety that they can offer you will reimburse you.

You will be safe with a security door as it is almost impossible for someone to break into your house with one of them. And especially if you reinforce the security of your house with a safety lock you will be great! No more fear of intrusions as your family will be safe! Trust the best security door company in Athens, Alfino door. They are experts in security door installation and they can help you wit any question you have.

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Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning in children

Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning in children

Due to the recent outbreak, many aspects of our everyday lives -including the private lessons–ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα– had to take a turn and completely change. For most people this seemed convenient at first, but as the time passed, it seemed more and more difficult to follow the demands of distance learning. In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning in children.

Adults are adapting easier in certain situations but if you have had to work from home during this time then you might have faced some difficulties too. Imagine how your kids might be feeling due to this sudden change of teaching methods.

A few information about distance learning

Sometimes we receive people in our offices who are not very familiar with new technologies and especially those related to education and may treat them with some reservations. He asks us for example “is it the same lesson up close and the same distance” or “what are the advantages, the benefits of the student with distance learning” or “up close is not better with the teacher above him instead of online”.

These are all reasonable questions and we are very happy to explain and give parents and children to understand exactly how this world-wide system works. So we have and we say. What does a candidate for European universities gain, a young person who wants to go abroad to study? Let’s see the advantages of distance learning,


Distance learning is based mainly on communication and interaction between learners and trainers. Thus, the prospective student or adult who is learning a foreign language or attending a student course has the opportunity to communicate frequently and receive immediate feedback on his or her work.

In this way, his active participation in the educational process is achieved and the motivation for learning is ensured. Now, when it comes to children it must be harder to get used to online learning. However, some kids do surprise us because of their intimate relation with technology.

Children today are so familiar with computers, tablets and smartphones that are better users than adults. In this case, it is easy for them to communicate and interact with their teachers online!


Training materials are always available in online learning. This means that the children have the ability to choose where and when they will have access to the course, as long as they are connected to the internet, of course.

This is an advantage that targets adults mainly but in case of teenagers -who have got a bunch of activities and little time- this is the best choice. Having a course online is pretty easy as they do not have to lose time getting ready and going to the class as they are at the ease of their home!

Online learning is also a great option for these children who tend to be anxious when they are leaving their homes and so their parents have a difficult time finding the suitable teacher.


The center around which the educational process revolves is the learner. Distance education aims to meet the learning needs of each learner, making him the leader of the educational process. In a few words , distance learning tends to be more personalized as it is basically private lessons from home.


Distance learning is just as effective as traditional classroom instruction. A prerequisite, of course, is that the educational design, the educational material and the curriculum are designed in such a way as to meet the needs of the trainees. At tutors.gr, we take care of the best possible organization and preparation, in order to give the trainees the highest quality educational experience.

Disadvantages of distance learning in children

We would say that distance-learning is more for adults or older children. As we have mentioned before adults are more adaptable to situations like online learning as they understand the difficulties and they are more patient. That does not mean that my children could not attend online classes but the point is that they tend to get bored really easily.

This is difficult for children because they need to be close to their teachers while they are in a course. We would suggest distance learning to children older than 10 years as they can follow the teacher and respond to their stimuli easier.

Broaden your teaching career

If you are a teacher you should join the team of tutors. gr so that you can broaden your career as a teacher. Regardless the subject that you teach, you could gain a lot more students just by creating your profile online! Get on board and enjoy the online private lessons experience!

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Which is the best Valentine’s Bag Gift for her?

What do you obtain for somebody who is similarly stressed snappy as she is with usefulness? A lovely bag gift like a roomy tote, secure crossbody, or structured pouch is the answer.

Great handbags- τσάντα χειρός ώμου – typically do not come cheap, yet it pays to spend. If she is most likely to be carrying it at least a few times a week to work, college, as well as play, the bag must both look great (they do not call it equip candy for nothing) and also bring all their vital items easily.

Whether you’re shopping for her birthday, a wedding anniversary, doing Valentine’s day 2020 preparation or looking for a special something for your preferred girl “even if,” these anytime gifts for every one of the women in your life are the perfect method to reveal you care. From luxe devices for charm enthusiasts as well as trendy bags for design experts to quite baubles and also a travel-perfect carry-on, these are the presents every lady on your checklist makes sure to treasure for several years ahead.

Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts She’ll Never See Coming

If you’re wanting to shock your SO, BFF, mama, or sister on this Valentine’s Day, exceed and beyond the usual box of delicious chocolates. To see to it you actually thrill them, we hounded over adorable gifts that will certainly make them grin. From birthstone jewellery to comfy slippers as well as fashionable bags- επώνυμες τσάντες, no question you’ll find something for the special lady in your life. Keep checking out to shop our favourites.

This Is the Go-With-Everything Handbag Pattern

Till lately and coinciding with the dawn of the mid-priced purse- τσάντες τιμές – I was far more of a footwear individual. Developer purses had actually always really felt up until now unreachable, and also economical bag styles didn’t specifically appeal either. So I ‘d often acquire vintage or second-hand bags, or be particularly picky about anything affordable.

Nevertheless, one assisting policy constantly led me to something that looked stylish and costly, no matter the cost or heritage … Tan handbags constantly look advanced, as well as the simpler, plainer designs will not only look elegant, however they’ll also be timeless, also– suggesting you obtain more bang for whatever buck you have actually put down.

I’ve always discovered that tan and also brownish accessories function much better with every little thing in my wardrobe: Black can be also rough (specifically during the summertime), white flits in and out of trashy region, navy is tough to come by as well as other neutrals are only readily available as and when they remain in style. So tan has constantly existed, an encouraging close friend in times of wonderful clothing demand.

Because of the fads straightening as well as the fashion gods or information crunchers perhaps seeing simply exactly how well ladies like me reply to tan bags when they’re on the market, it’s a category that has even more options than ever before.

Last year, the appearance truly struck its stride, with cult labels such as Staud, Loewe as well as Wandler producing the type of tan bags that really felt as timeless as they did of-the-moment. I purchased a Staud Bissett pail bag, however in all honesty I’ve been gathering different models for several years currently. Scroll to see the designs I own, plus store my edit of the best tan bags to acquire today (and also enjoy forever and ever).

  • mini drawstring style is one I frequently use for work
  • An uncommon box-shaped style
  • Monogrammed and also customised
  • 4bag bags are a popular option in the WWW workplace
  • little bags… terrific for days when I don’t require or wish to lug too many products.

Croissants Are the Surprising Inspiration Behind 2020’s Coolest Bag Trend

Sometimes stylist find motivation in the craziest areas, and this year it is croissants that are being turned into high-end things. Among the essential handbag- τσάντες ώμου – trends for the year is slouchy handbag with ruching as well as buttery natural leather bag, that makes them resemble a croissant. Verde, the brand name leading the fee when it involves bags in 2020, is mostly responsible for this brand-new handbag form thanks to its big shoulder pouch bag.

Instagram brand names are also producing croissant bags, as trussardi following It bag, which is made from soft vegan natural leather and also appears like the classic pastry. We are only one week right into 2020, yet it is currently taking hold with the fashion group, so you can anticipate to see a great deal of croissants (in natural leather and pastry type) outside the shows at style month this February.

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